Healthy Cooking Classes and Workshops

Healthy Cooking Classes and Workshops

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Healthy Cooking Lessons in Connecticut

The Green Palette Kitchen is a teaching kitchen for home cooks of all levels. 
I am champion of fresh, healthy food that works for you. I believe that cooking and food should be fun, taste great and even be a little adventurous. I advocate for local if possible, seasonal always and fresh as the rule. My cooking classes and workshops help you prepare simple, nourishing meals that you will be excited to recreate at home for your family and guests. 


The Green Palette Kitchen offers cooking classes that are demo, hands-on, private or online as well as workshops geared around food and health. Come see what The Green Palette Kitchen is all about.


Healthy Cooking Classes Fairfield County

Discover a new confidence in the kitchen and a new confidence in you!

I understand the daily challenges that come with eating healthy and feeding my family well. Way back, with three young kids and a career, the struggle was real. I had all the right things – trained as a whole foods chef and nutritionist – yet I was overwhelmed and stressed out trying to figure out healthy dinners every night. Convenience foods and takeout were becoming more of the norm, and I was doing a fair share of mindless eating.  I had gained weight, felt sluggish and was tired most of the time.

When I embraced meal planning and focused on healthy meals in my kitchen, my life changed. I rediscovered the joy in cooking, my family actually enjoyed the meals I created, and I gained control over my health.


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Cook Well. Eat Well. Be Well.

Through private, group, or online cooking classes, you can take back control of your health, your wellbeing and your food. You can even make family meals enjoyable again.



“I had signed up for private cooking classes with Heather with the goal of learning to make meals simpler for my family. Nightly cooking felt very stressful, considering that everyone in my family had different food preferences. Heather’s cooking classes were enjoyable, helpful, and calm. Heather has a wonderful demeanor and keeps the class productive yet personal. The most important things I learned were meal planning and realizing how much personal associations with food influences our experience in the kitchen. Heather was great about preparing in advance the content that I wanted to cover in the class."

- Julie B.
"I planned a yoga and cooking class for my birthday, and it was great! My friends and I had a wonderful evening. It was a great escape from our daily lives to relax and learn and enjoy a girl’s night out. The space was perfect for our group of ten. Heather has a warm and comfortable way and the space sets the tone for a fun, informative and relaxing evening. I love learning from Heather and seeing her do things effortlessly in the kitchen. It inspires me and eliminates the overwhelming feeling I get and intimidation I often have to cooking. Heather's recipes are delicious and inspiring to go home and duplicate."

- Colleen C.
“I reached out to Heather for cooking classes as a holiday gift for my daughter and it was better than we expected. My daughter said it was the gift she didn't even know she wanted but was so appreciative to receive. Learning knife skills and practicing chopping was helpful. I was surprised to learn about the benefits of some whole grains like quinoa and farro - these are foods I would not have considered cooking before the lesson. I can't say there was anything absent from our classes, I will miss seeing Heather and being in her kitchen. We look forward to another opportunity for a class.”

- Christine S.


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The Green Palette Kitchen has a beautiful new addition. Right next door is an all-purpose meeting space, perfect for small dinner parties and private events. Stay tuned for our upcoming wellness workshops, yoga classes, mocktail and mingle nights and pop-up health dinners. Sign up for the newsletter updates below.


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