About The Green Palette Kitchen

About The Green Palette Kitchen

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Does cooking stress you out?

You’re a pleaser, not to mention a great parent and spouse, only wanting to make sure everyone is happy.

I totally get it. I used to have many nights where I dreaded 5pm, wondering what in the world to make for dinner. You might wonder if you’re just not cut out for this fabulous cooking thing you see on the Food Network. If you didn’t grow up learning how to cook, how are you expected to be Martha Stewart in the kitchen?

The internet is of no help either. Millions of recipes with not many tried and true sources. Information overload is no way to plan a meal.

Let me help you get out of dinner overwhelm so you can start enjoying real, healthy food made right in your own kitchen.

My Kitchen Journey

The Green Palette Kitchen resides in Southport, CT yet was actually founded many years ago, in my tiny NYC apartment. When I graduated from cooking school, I began my career helping people heal their physical and emotional issues through food. I began teaching cooking lessons as a way to translate healing foods into everyday cooking that would be easy for my clients.

The kitchen has moved with me – to my home kitchen in Connecticut, where I taught classes, and now to my beautiful space in a unique renovated warehouse. My philosophy has always been the same. Food can be powerful medicine. Use real nourishing food to heal mind, body and soul.

Magic happens in my kitchen. My clients learn to transform their fear of cooking, or overwhelm from a newly diagnosed health issue, into a feeling of true confidence and empowerment. When you learn some basic skills, cooking becomes easy and pleasurable.

The Green Palette Kitchen is here for private cooking lessons, group cooking classes and healthy dinner parties. Community meets wellness through public events and other healthful workshops at the Kitchen in our adjacent meeting space, that include yoga classes, ladies night “mocktail” events and pop-up dinners.

About Heather

I am a nutritionist and chef, cooking instructor, nutrition coach and speaker. But those are my official titles. For the past 20 plus years I have also been a wife, busy mom to three children and a woman who lives with an autoimmune disease (MS).

I learned to manage my MS through the power of food…and then came the kids. Three of them very close together (twins and the next, less than two years later).

Exhaustion, extra weight, stress and a whole lot of mindless eating ensued in order to make it through the day. Although I knew a lot about healthy food and nutrition, I had lost my way.

I got back on track

I had the information and the knowledge. I had attended a cooking school that specialized in health supportive cooking, and one of the top graduate schools in the country for clinical nutrition. Yet, I was allowing life to get in the way of what I needed: real nourishing food to support my health, and my family. I needed the proper mindset to make myself a priority. And, considering my life, an easy way to do it.

I reconnected with the healing properties of real, whole food. I embraced meal planning and learned to truly enjoy cooking again. My kitchen became my sanctuary and a place of pleasure, not stress. I lost 20 pounds, kept it off and regained my energy. The food I chose to nourish myself with made all the difference.

Let’s Get Together!

I would love to show you how to go from the overwhelm of family pleasing, healthy eating, and cooking to feeling empowered in your kitchen and in charge of your health. Let me guide you. Food can be healing and, yes, cooking can be enjoyable. I can’t wait to show you how!

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