Healthy cooking lessons

Healthy cooking lessons

Healthy Cooking Lessons | Hands On Cooking Classes | Fairfield County CT

Private Cooking Lessons

The food we choose to nourish ourselves with is essential to our health, wellbeing and stress. Regardless of what you read on the Internet, eating healthy, healing food takes a bit of planning, a dash of determination and a sprinkle of commitment.

What it does not need to be is to be time-consuming, overwhelming and stressful.

Whether you are new to the world of healthy cooking, seeking a more streamlined way to feed your family, a more seasoned cook who wants to expand her repertoire or grappling with a specific health issue, knowing how to cook simple, delicious meals is at the heart of it all.


Group Cooking Classes

Cooking classes with a group of friends or family are a great way to gain kitchen inspiration and build your repertoire of delicious, healthy recipes. The monthly menu is what we will be cooking for my group classes, and other events. I am always happy to work with you to create your own personalized menu. See the Group Cooking Classes page for the details, menu, and price.


Private Cooking Events

The Green Palette Kitchen is the perfect place for a unique dinner party. Host a cooking class with your own group and then sit and enjoy your meal together.

If you have a question or would like to reserve The Green Palette Kitchen for you next private event, send us a request.

"I love the cooking classes! There is a great mix of learning, demonstration, discussion, and tasting. I always come away with fresh information, new cooking skills, and tried, tested healthy recipes that I put right into the rotation. Heather’s enthusiasm is contagious – I am enjoying cooking more!"

-Eileen P.
“Today’s class was fantastic! I learned many skills, techniques and tips – too many to mention. There was nothing missing from this class!”

- Samantha M.
“I loved all of the recipes! Absolutely delicious! I felt very comfortable asking questions and the flow of the class was perfect. I learned how to cook with healthy ingredients and I am looking forward to doing another class, thank you!!”

-Mary M.


Where are you located?
The Green Palette Kitchen is located in the heart of historic Southport, CT at 59 Old Post Road. We are only 5 minutes from I-95 and are extremely convenient to New Haven, Fairfield and Westchester Counties.
What is your cancellation policy?
Cooking classes and gift certificates are non-refundable. If you need to cancel, you will be issued credit, as long as it is within 72 hours of the class starting. Should you miss your class without canceling, we will automatically send you the recipe packet within a couple of days.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! Gift certificates are an extremely popular present for holidays, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, employee appreciation, and much more!
Do you have kids classes?
Our regular classes are for ages 16+, but if you are scheduling a private cooking lesson you are welcome to include your sons or daughters under 16.
I have dietary restrictions – how do you work with that?
If you are taking a private cooking lesson then the class will be individualized around your dietary needs. For group classes, most are vegetarian, gluten and dairy free. Please note though that the kitchen does occasionally use dairy, gluten, and nuts, and that we cannot accept responsibility for these or any other food allergies.
Are classes hands-on?
The private cooking lessons are hands-on. Group cooking classes are generally demo style classes unless your group requests to learn hands-on.
What size are the classes?
Our private cooking lessons are for 1-2 people and group classes are a minimum of 6 and maximum of 10.
Do we get to eat the food we make?
Of course! Every class ends with a full meal that you’ve prepared during the class, unless they are a theme class, like Healthy Breakfasts. Then you will just be eating breakfast :) You will still eat nonetheless.
Do I get to take the recipes home?
Absolutely. You will given a recipe packet at the beginning of class which you will bring home with you when you leave.
I can barely boil water – are the cooking classes for me?
Yes! You are in the right place. Although I welcome more experienced cooks, many people come in with some trepidation about being “good enough” in the kitchen. Starting at the beginning is the best place to start.
Can we bring wine to our classes?
Yes. Keep in mind that my classes focus on a food and healing philosophy. I am a nutritionist as well as a chef, so, while I am not promoting wine, you are more than welcome to bring some for your group. I have wine glasses, champagne flutes and wine openers.
More questions?
Please feel to reach out to me at [email protected].