Healthy Online Corporate Wellness Events

Healthy Online Corporate Wellness Events

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Healthy Online Corporate Cooking Classes and Wellness Webinars

More than ever, employee wellbeing is essential for corporate culture.

Through Covid-19, coupled with the transition back to a new normal, employees are seeking reengament with colleagues, a chance to bond and an opportunity to avoid burnout and stress.

Online cooking classes and wellness webinars with The Green Palette Kitchen are where we put information into healthy eating and use healthy eating as a fun and delicious way to learn.

Coming together to prepare a nourishing meal or get educated on the latest nutrition trends can be a very bonding experience for your group. You will learn new skills, get nudged out of your comfort zone and be encouraged to try new flavors and textures in a whole different way. Join with co-workers for a lunchtime meal or at the end of the workday to cook, learn and enjoy.

The Green Palette cooking classes and wellness workshops are a great way to learn, have fun and reengage with your employees in a meaningful way

Scroll down for different ways you can support your employees through fun informative online hands-on  cooking classes, cooking demos or healthy food education webinars.

Cooking Classes for Corporations

The Green Palette Kitchen offers online, interactive cooking classes via ZOOM and can accommodate small or large groups for a hands-on class (you cook along with Heather ). After your class, you will sit down in the comfort of your own home to enjoy your meal. These fun classes are always focused on simple, healthy eating and staying in harmony with the seasons. Together we will cook three to four delicious recipes that your group will look forward to making again and again.

Corporate Cooking Class Prices
$720 for up to 15 people/screens
$1050 for 16-25 people/screens 
$1200 26-50 people/screens 
$1800 for up to 51-100 people/screens 

Classes are typically 1 1/2 hours
All participants will receive a grocery list and equipment list well in advance of the class, and recipes, any additional handouts and Zoom link a few days before the class. Participants can cook along or simply watch the demo. Click the link below to reach out and set up your personalized cooking experience.

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Healthy Food Webinars

Gather your group for these no-cook live events on Zoom to learn about kitchen and food topics such as:

    • easy meal planning
    • balancing your plate for healthy eating
    • how to stock your pantry for simple cooking
    • getting back on track in a post-Covid world
    • eating for energy and balance

Your group will have the chance to ask questions and engage with an expert in nutrition and healthy cooking

Webinars can accommodate a minimum of 20 screens and up to 100 people/screens.  Rates are $25 per person

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The EatFree Reset

Hosted by Heather Carey, MS

The Corona virus has not been kind to many of us. Emotional eating, working at home and sheltering in can do a number on motivation and commitment to eat well. The EatFree Reset is a great way to foster team camaraderie and help to lift morale.  Join Culinary Nutritionist Heather Carey and engage your group in a six session group workshop to learn:

    • how to reset weight loss goals so they are powerful, practical and sustainable
    • figure out how to finally ditch the diet mentality and get on with living
    • the best foods to eat for your weight, your energy and your hormones
    • how to make mindful eating and living an integral part of enjoying and feeling at peace with food
    • the real life skills to make all these changes last

Recipes, fun “homework” and weekly meet ups on Zoom with our last session being in the kitchen to hone our healthy culinary skills.

If your company is looking to make changes to the health and wellbeing of your employees that are long lasting, reach out to learn more.

Click below to talk to Heather about group rates for your corporation.

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"I hired Heather to do a virtual cooking class for our small group and it was fantastic! It was very easy to follow along, our group had a great time and the food was delicious!"

- Lori C. (corporate event)
Very easy to follow along, learned some new tips and the dishes we created were delish!

- Rochelle J. (corporate event)
We cooked via Zoom for a birthday party and it was a great time! First, the meal was DELICIOUS, which is obviously important, but also, Heather gave practical advice, recipe substitutions, and equipment recommendations which left me feeling more knowledgable and confident about my (very) slowly improving cooking skills. Looking forward to trying these recipes again!

- Allison T.
My wife and I had an excellent time cooking with Heather albeit by Zoom. The recipes were easy to follow, healthy and ultimately produced a delicious meal. We really appreciate your expertise!

- David K. (corporate cooking class)
Heather, the presentation today was outstanding!! Thank you!!!

- Joanne C. (corporate cooking class and presentation)
You really have me thinking about what I’m feeding my family! I’ll be checking out more of your online cooking classes. Thank you!

- Deborah G. (corporate cooking class and presentation)
Thank you for a great class tonight. The participants had a really great time cooking along with you. It was a lot of fun and the participants really enjoyed cooking with you and the delicious food they prepared. I am sure that it will inspire people to continue cooking healthier meals.

- Gayl C. (corporate cooking class)
Thank you so much for everything! The class was a lot of fun. You had a great setup and it was easy to follow along. I think everyone really enjoyed. I would love to do another in the future!

-Christina R. (corporate client)
That was a great presentation! Thank you very much for providing this for us today.

-Tina C. (healthy food webinar)