Healthy Online Workshops and Events

Healthy Online Workshops and Events

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Upcoming Wellness Events:

  • Weekly Zoom Meetups – FREE! Every Friday at Noon EST
  • Summer Inspired Recipe Club – July 1st for 8 weeks
  • The EatFree Fall Reset – starts in  September!

Online Wellness Workshops

Wellness events at The Green Palette Kitchen are where we put information into healthy eating.

We focus weekly and monthly on a variety of topics that you care about – handling stress, planning our healthy meals, even our vexing hormones. We might get the real deal on CBD oil, take a virtual yoga class or see how essential oils work. We then apply this to the healthy food we can eat to support ourselves.

The Green Palette Wellness workshops are a great way to learn, have fun and meet new like minded people!

Summer Inspired Recipe Club

Hands down, Summer is THE best time to reset your eating, explore different foods and set goals for weight loss and health. During this time of Corona here is a fun idea to do just that! Join Heather for the Summer Inspired Recipe Club. Here’s how it works:

  • Every week there will be a highlighted fruit, vegetable or herb that is in-season and perfect for eating right now.
  • Every Wednesday I will send you five recipes based around the fruit, veggie or herb – a breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert.
  • Try the recipes through the week. Each Friday at Noon EST we will have a quick Zoom lunch call to discuss the recipes, share ideas and get feedback. You can ask other questions too –  healthy eating, summer eating, gardening and weight loss.

Simply sign up and you’re in! The Summer Inspired Recipe Club starts July 1st. By the end of our time you will have 40 healthy, delicious seasonal recipes that are yours to keep forever.

$47 for 8 weeks beginning July 1st

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Want to learn more about the Summer Seasonal Recipe Club? Scroll down to sign up for the next Zoom lunch meeting on Friday June 26th. I will explain how the Club works and talk about the importance of seasonal eating. 

Weekly Meetups on Zoom!

Hosted by Heather Carey

During Covid-19 I will be hosting weekly Zoom meetups to cover a variety of topics related to healthy cooking, eating, gardening, emotional eating, bread baking – you name it we have covered it!

Join me in the “Corona Kitchen” every Friday at NOON EST, weekly topics will be sent out on the Wednesday prior to the call.


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Coming Up:

Friday June 26th Noon EST – Simplify Summer Eating and Learn About the Summer Inspired Recipe Club


The EatFree Reset Fall 2020

Hosted by Heather Carey, MS

Join Culinary Nutritionist Heather Carey for a six session group workshop to learn:

    • how to reset weight loss goals so they are powerful, practical and sustainable
    • figure out how to finally ditch the diet mentality and get on with living
    • the best foods to eat for your weight, your energy and your hormones
    • how to make mindful eating and living an integral part of enjoying and feeling at peace with food
    • the real life skills to make all these changes last

Recipes, fun “homework” and weekly meet ups on Zoom with our last session being in the kitchen to hone our healthy culinary skills.

If you are looking to make changes to your health that are long lasting, join us!

Next session starting Fall 2020! Details coming soon.


Book the Space

My vision for The Green Palette Kitchen is to be a space to gather and learn about health and healing, in a non-judgmental, kind way. If you are a yoga teacher, healer or coach in the health and wellness realm I’d love for you to lead a workshop or event at The Green Palette Kitchen.