Where Community Meets Wellness

Where Community Meets Wellness

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Upcoming Events:

  • March 2019 Stress-Less: Yoga, Mocktail and Mingle
  • April 2019 Cookshop: Eating For Happiness
  • May 2019 Mocktail and Mingle: Learn About CBD
  • June 2019 Yoga Mocktails and Mingle: Balance
  • July 2019 Weight Loss Essentials
  • August 2019 Creative Herb and Vegetable Ideas
  • September 2019 Mastering Healthy Meal Prep
  • October 2018 Holiday Survival Strategies
  • November 2019 Mastering Hormones with Food
  • December 2018 Pound Zero Holiday Challenge

The Wellness Events at The Green Palette Kitchen are where we put information into healthy eating!

Each month focuses on a variety of topics that you care about – handling stress, planning our healthy meals, even our vexing hormones. We might have a discussion, take a yoga class or see how essential oils work. We then apply this to the healthy food we can eat to support ourselves.

Mocktails and Mingle: CBD Primer

Hosted by Heather Carey and CBD oil expert Jill Cohen

Confused about CBD oil and what it can do for you? CBD seems to be everywhere right now. Get some straight talk on how CBD oil can help with sleep, pain, hormones, even your dog! Begin with a mocktail and mingle in the Kitchen and then talk with Jill and get all your questions answered, she really knows her stuff! Be prepared for an increbibly informative, fun night.

Thursday, May 23rd 2019 at 6:30pm mocktails/mingle, 7pm CBD talk

$20, due at registration THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT! 

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Yoga, Mocktails and Mingle: Balance

Hosted by Heather Carey and Caroline Vella

Spring is the time for new starts and new beginnings. Yet in the rush and stress of life we can fall out of balance – with work/life, our emotions, even our hormones. Learn what it means to find balance both physically and emotionally. Start with a gentle yoga class led by yoga instructor Caroline Vella and then come into the Kitchen for a mocktail, a food demo highlighting the best foods for our (vexing) hormones and moods, and some straight talk on what it means to find balance in our lives. Space is very limited!

Friday June 7, 2019 6:30pm

$50, due at registration CLOSED


Weekly Classes: Yoga at The Green Palette Kitchen

Gentle Yoga with Jane Smith

Yoga seems to be the cure all for everything lately, and food good reason. It helps with stress, eases tension and stretches our minds and bodies. If you are new to yoga, or getting back in, join our beginner’s gentle yoga class and see what you have been missing. Yoga mats and blankets provided, please bring any other props you might want to use.

Coming Soon! 



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My vision for The Green Palette Kitchen is to be a space to gather and learn about health and healing, in a non-judgmental, kind way. If you are a yoga teacher, healer or coach in the health and wellness realm I’d love for you to lead a workshop or event at The Green Palette Kitchen.