Healthy Online Group Cooking Classes

Online Group Cooking Classes

Did you know that know not only do spices make your food taste good, but they are so good for you too?

It’s a fact: healthy and delicious can go hand in hand!

No more boring Tuesday night chicken and salad dinners. Grab a friend or a date and join me in the Kitchen to learn about the relationship between food and feeling fantastic. Get guided on a culinary journey that is all about fun, tasting, eating, and learning the essential skills to making healthy cooking easy.

Not only will you learn about the nutrients in a head of kale, but we might also talk about the best salt to cook with or how to avoid crying over onion chopping. We will use items that are easy to shop for and even found in your pantry.

The group cooking classes are always a mix of fun and informative.


How Group Classes Work

Delicious changes are coming to the group classes at the Green Palette Kitchen in 2021! Here’s how you can get in on the fun and informative healthy online cooking classes:

Group Classes

Get your own group together (minimum 4 screens) and pick from one of my nutritious, delicious healthy menus. Click HERE for the menus and for more information.

Cooking Class Series

Cooking class series of 3 classes, based on a common theme, are offered a few times a year. See the calendar below for upcoming series.

Monthly Healthy 101 Classes

Getting started on your health and healing cooking journey? I have monthly introductory classes on all the basics, including everything from the secrets of soup making to hormone balance.

Video Classes

Can’t make a class? Purchase a class and cook along on your own time (coming soon!).


2021 Healthy 101 and Cooking Series


Healthy 101: Comfort Foods Gone Good Tuesday January 26th 5pm


Fermented, Pickled and Sour (3 series class) February 2nd, 9th and 16th 10am


Healthy 101: Tofu and Vegan Cooking


Healthy 101: Eating For Energy

Cooking Series: Spring Get Back on Track Tuesdays April 6th, 13th and 20th 10am


Healthy 101: Essential Knife Kitchen Tools Skills

Spice Party Cooking Series Thursdays May 6th, 13th and 20th 5pm

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2021 Healthy 101 and Cooking Series

February 2021 Cooking Series

Series: Fermented, Pickled and Sour Tuesdays February 2nd, 9th and 16th 10:00-11:30am

It is said that your gut is the most important part of your immune system. Foods that are pickled, fermented or made with sourdough contain an abundant amount of healthy bacteria – great for gut health. They taste great too! In this three series class we will be making:

Sauerkraut and Kimchi 
Fire Cider and Elderberry Syrup
Sourdough Starter and Bread 

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“I enjoyed the informality of the class because I felt I could ask any questions no matter how simple. And I came away feeling as though I had just eaten in a gourmet restaurant! And was delighted to take home your food!”

- Anne D.
"I loved all of the recipes! Absolutely delicious! I felt very comfortable asking questions and the flow of the class was perfect. I learned how to cook with healthy ingredients and I am looking forward to doing another, thank you!!"

- Mary I.
Heather hosted a private cooking class for my family, to celebrate my mom's birthday. Her space is beautiful and conveniently located. The food was great. Heather was super well prepared, so all we had to do was cook and enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. We had a great time, and we learned a lot, too!

- Kristen C.
The Green Palate Kitchen is a wonderful gem tucked away in Southport. I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop there, Reset & Restore. It was a wonderful event, relaxed and casual with a lot of healthy information to be learned. If you are looking for clean, healthy eating & living guidance then this is the place to go. Heather's approach to healthy cooking is simplicity, teaching that we all are able to take control of our health through the right foods. I am look forward taking classes there again in the near future.

-Martha K.
I took Heather's Valentine's Day cooking class and she was absolutely sensational. She taught us the basics while still giving us useful tips that we can use in everyday cooking. Showed us what we have to do to eat healthy and still have our food taste great. Highly recommended to anyone looking to expand their cooking knowledge.

-Eric C.
I love Heather’s knowledgeable and well rounded approach with healthy cooking, nutrition and overall health. I absolutely loved the Indian food cooking class I took virtually and can’t wait to take another class! It was so fun to create a meal that I thought I could never make because it was too complicated. Heather made it easy to purchase the ingredients and I had so much fun! My family loved it too!

-Meredith N.
Wonderful session! Excellent food. I especially love the salad, and usually think I don’t like kale. All good, all yummy. Kitchen somewhat of a disaster, but for this much fun I’m happy to spend the time required to clean it up. Thanks so much!

-Martha S.

Online Cooking Class Prices and Details

  • Class Prices

  • Group Cooking Classes $50 per screen or $200 for a minimum of 4 people/screens. You are welcome to have less people but the charge will be for 4 people/screens.
  • Healthy 101 $50 for 1-2 people (or screen) in your home. If you have more than 2 people please consider signing them up too.
  • Cooking Series $180 for 1-2 people (or screen) in your home. If you have more than 2 people please consider signing them up too.
  • Video/Prerecorded Classes are $50 per lesson/series (coming soon!)
  • When you register for a class, you will also be sent a shopping list and equipment list ahead of time so you are well prepared to know what to have on hand.
  • It helps a great deal to have ingredients measured out, and items open if necessary. All those details will be laid out for you in the email.
  • One day before the class you will be sent the Zoom link and recipes to print out, so you can follow along at home.
  • Due to circumstances beyond our control, ingredients may change. We will let you know well in advance. If you are having a hard time sourcing any ingredients please reach out, there is always a substitute for anything
  • Classes are generally 90 minutes and will have a maximum of 12 attending each session.
  • We can teach literally to anyone, anywhere, and can accomodate time differences. Please feel free to pass along the class info to anyone who might be interested!