The Summer Inspired Recipe Club

The Summer Inspired Recipe Club

Summer Inspired Recipe Club - Green Palette Kitchen

The Recipe Club Details

The Summer Inspired Recipe Club starts on Wednesday June 30th! 

8 Weeks, 40 healthy, delicious Recipes. So much inspiration.

Who doesn’t love summer, with all the seasonal produce, farmers markets, fresh fruits and vegetables? The problem is what to do with all of this abundance and how to prepare everything in creative, delicious and healthy ways.

The solution? Each week we will highlight a particular vegetable or fruit that is in season, right now. I will talk about the delicious health benefits, why you should eat it, creative ways to use it and prevent food waste, and fun ways to prepare all this beautiful produce.

How the Recipe Club Works

Each Wednesday we will highlight a vegetable, fruit or herb that is in season during that week.

I will send you a packet of recipes, with beautiful pictures, that will include a breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert. I will also teach you all about the highlighted produce and the health benefits of adding them into your diet.

The recipes highlight healthy, creative and delicious ways to use the produce of the week.

You will have fun trying out new recipes and ways to use the in-season fruit, vegetable or herb.

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What Else Do I Get in the Recipe Club?

The recipe club is a really fun, low-key way to spend your summer “playing” with your fruits, veggies and herbs! Try new ingredients, get familiar with old ones and realize the healthy benefits of cooking at home.


  • 4 Live Zoom calls to connect to Heather, dive a little more deep in the ingredients and recipes and answer any questions you may have. No worries if you can’t make a call, they will be recorded for you. 
  • Bonus guides on setting up your kitchen for summer cooking ease
  • Live cooking demo to highlight the best of our summer recipes
  • Fun and camaraderie on your cooking adventures!

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I joined the zoom cooking club featuring fresh summer vegetables that Heather Carey ran. Membership was very affordable and the recipes and guidance Heather provided was invaluable to my experience. I learned some new techniques and experimented with ingredients I would not have otherwise tried. I look forward to continuing these classes with Heather.

- Laura S.

Heather in the kitchen

Join Me This Summer!

I’m Heather Carey, Culinary Nutritionist, healthy foods cooking instructor and an admittedly obsessive organic vegetable garderner. I guide women, just like you, to cook well, eat well so you can be well. In the summer you will find me in my happy place, my large organic vegetable, fruit and herb garden, trying new seasonal produce and experimenting with seasonal recipes. I love the summer and all its healthy variety and bounty, and I know you will too!

Join me this summer for fun and creativity in the kitchen.

I’m All In!