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Covid Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that it was just a year ago, almost to the day, that we were all preparing ourselves for lockdown. It makes me a little woozy just thinking about it. Realizing how frantic we all were with stocking up on food and worrying about running out of …

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Five Ideas For a Healthy Corona Holiday Season

You want to enjoy your holidays but who wants to feel regretful on January 2nd? I had spent years feeling and living this way. A “be in the moment” attitude, there was no resistance to all the cookies, cakes, candy and cocktails. That is, until I was a few pounds …

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How To Embrace Uncertainty

What a week. No one was immune – uncertainty around the election, Covid cases rising as fast as you can blink, Winter on the horizon, so much indoor time, more alone time, questions over travel, seeing family during the holidays. For me, I can add in uncertainty about my three …

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Finding Flow In Your Kitchen

Heather in the kitchen

We are in trying times right now, no doubt about that. I know I’m not alone when I wish 2020 would just please go away. I have been tested enough. Two big trips canceled, worrying about my kids at college, worrying about my own health, dreading the colder months, it …

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5 Reasons Why Your Last Diet Failed You

The weird, wacky time we are in right now cannot be underestimated and it is making people (myself included) do extraordinary things. Like take bread baking for example. Suddenly, plain old white flour is a hot commodity. Junk food sales are up, vegetable sales down. We are emotionally eating and …

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