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5 Reasons Why Your Last Diet Failed You

The weird, wacky time we are in right now cannot be underestimated and it is making people (myself included) do extraordinary things. Like take bread baking for example. Suddenly, plain old white flour is a hot commodity. Junk food sales are up, vegetable sales down. We are emotionally eating and …

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Stress Eating in the Time of Corona

  I don’t have to remind you, we’re in a crisis. I’ve been here before and I know you have been too. 9/11, Hurricane Sandy. Now, on top of it all, trying to get my daughter out of London, my other kids home from their colleges and just trying to …

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Five Ways To Slow Down and Reset Your Resolutions

  I know it’s the end of the year (heck, it’s the end of a decade!) and I know that you are likely feeling pressure to get on with it – the diet, the detox, the redo, your big ambitious goals for the New Year. It is almost impossible to …

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